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    Jan’ 2021
    Appointment of Stefano Zavattaro as head of CAPZA's Italian office
    CAPZA today announced the appointment of Stefano Zavattaro as head of its Italian branch.
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    Jul’ 2020
    CAPZA successfully raises €450m
    CAPZA successfully raises €450m in the first closing of the CAPZA 5 Flex Equity Fund
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    Jun’ 2020
    CAPZA carries out its first acquisition to expand in Growth Tech
    CAPZA announced its first external growth operation through the acquisition of Time For Growth, a pioneering investment company in the Growth Tech segment and a recognised investor in the tech ecosystem.
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    May’ 2020
    AXA entrusts CAPZA with €500m to support French SMEs
    AXA will entrust CAPZA with €500m in order to enable SMEs to strengthen their balance sheets and recover from the COVID-19 shock after the implementation of emergency measures.
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    Apr’ 2020
    Covid-19 Update
    We hope you and your families are well in the current environment. We would like to share with you some of the actions that CAPZA has taken in the context of Covid-19.
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    Feb’ 2020
    Expert Talk
    4 questions to Laurent Bénard, Managing Partner of CAPZA.
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    Jan’ 2020
    CAPZA strengthens its German investment team
    CAPZA announces the appointment of Oliver Nell as Flex Equity Partner in Germany.
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    Jan’ 2020
    CAPZA strengthens its investor relation team
    CAPZA announces the appointment of Caroline Abensour and the forthcoming arrival of Stefan Arneth.
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    Oct’ 2019
    CAPZA builds up its Flex Equity team
    CAPZA builds up its team in order to further develop its Flex Equity strategy.
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    Jul’ 2019
    Capzanine renamed CAPZA
    A new identity for
    new ambitions.
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  • Milan
    Apr’ 2019
    Capzanine opens an office in Milan
    Capzanine accelerates its European development with the opening of its Italian office.
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  • Building Capza
    Apr’ 2019
    Capzanine continues to grow
    Capzanine seized the opportunity of its Annual General Investor Meeting on March 28th, 2019, to reflect on the past 12 months and to prepare for 2019.
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  • Meeting Capza
    Mar’ 2019
    Renaud Tourmente is appointed Head of Business Development
    Capzanine announces the expansion of its senior management team with the appointment of Renaud Tourmente as Head of Business Development.
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    Jan’ 2019
    Capzanine strengthens its partnership with AXA
    Capzanine strengthens its partnership with AXA France and AXA Investment Managers in order to accelerate its development.
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