Growth Tech

A partner of choice for high growth Tech companies
Types of financing
Growth Tech equity & quasi equity
Company profile

Companies with a profitable business model, revenues >€7m and high growth potential


Projects: organic growth, external growth


Sectors: all sectors with a tech & digital thesis


Regions: Continental Europe

Amount invested
From €7 to €30m

In September 2020, Time for Growth, an investment company specialized in Growth Tech founded in 2009, has been integrated within CAPZA in order to create a Growth Tech expertise.


Our goal is to combine CAPZA’s proven technology track record with TIME’s deep expertise in growth tech by investing as lead investor in profitable small/mid European tech companies with high growth.

A focus on small/mid tech companies: the digitalization of the economy results in a high number of high-growth small/mid companies with a profitable business model who require both capital and professional support from digital savvy investors in order to reach a critical size.


Leveraging a market need and a major equity gap: these small/mid tech companies are not eligible for venture capitalists and at the same time not mature enough for large generalist buyout funds.


A clear value creation agenda: our goal is to build bigger, better, more profitable and sustainable companies well recognized in their ecosystem. This can be achieved by guiding the company’s strategy, working on offering better products, as well as driving growth (external and organic) and efficiency.


A strong sourcing capability: thanks to their long lasting experience in the tech industry, CAPZA and the management team of CAPZA Growth Tech have built a strong network over the years. Their sector expertise makes them the go-to intermediary ahead of transactions and an investor of choice.


A well resourced and seasoned team within a group that has a long track record in Tech: with more than €600m invested through more than 30 tech companies, CAPZA is recognised as a strong tech expert. In addition, the management team is anchored around the historical partners of Time for Growth, who were early investors in the growth market and have a strong track record of successful European tech companies.


*Source CAPZA as at 30/06/2020. Total amount invested across Private Debt and Flex Equity Strategies since 2004.

Key figures


transactions since 2005

As at 30/06/2020. Data based on the joint CAPZA and Time for Growth track-record.

dedicated investment professionals

As at 30/06/2020.

equity invested in growth tech companies

As at 30/06/2020. Data based on the joint CAPZA and Time for Growth track-record.
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