Top balance-sheet solutions for strategic turning points
Types of financing
Bonds in fine and/or equity (minority or majority)
Company profile

SMEs with turnover ranging from €20m to €250m and positive EBITDA


Projects: rebalance the balance sheet, reorganize the capital ownership, recover from a phase of underperformance, rebalance the business mix


Sectors: no sector restrictions


Regions: France or other European Union countries

Amount invested
€5m to €20m

Setbacks, external shocks and strategic turning points can weaken a mid-cap company. These issues need to be handled without compromising the company’s ability to grow in the long term or its critical know-how.

Flexible solutions at strategic turning points: be it to avoid a crisis or to bounce back after a phase of underperformance, companies facing a strategic turning point must be able to maintain their capacity to invest. The CAPZA Transition SLP fund supports companies by offering them ad hoc liquidity or financing solutions.


Support from experts with experience of complex situations to develop a rebound strategy: 360° analysis, management of performance plans or strategic repositioning plans, debt restructuring, refinancing, balance sheet restructuring, investment in capital and overall company management.


Close alignment geared towards shared success: we work in partnership with the business’s management and shareholders to build up a shared vision of the rebound strategy, align everyone’s objectives and ensure that value added is redistributed evenly.


Diversified dealflow: we take advantage of the network built up by the team and CAPZA over many years in order to identify situations where Transition can add value.

Key figures




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As of 30/06/2019
  • 26
    Jul’ 2019
    CAPZA buys a majority stake in ITAL Express
    CAPZA buys a majority stake in ITAL Express to support its growth strategy.
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  • 15
    Jul’ 2019
    CAPZA is buying Groupe Saint Aubin
    The CAPZA Transition fund accelerates Groupe Saint Aubin’s rapid expansion.
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  • 2
    Jul’ 2019
    Capzanine renamed CAPZA
    A new identity for
    new ambitions.
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  • Plane
    May’ 2019
    Artemid leads the refinancing of the Redspher Group
    Redspher, the leading digital transport and logistics platform in Europe, provides simplified access to ondemand transport.
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