Jan’ 2024

Successful first closing at c. €300m for Artemid Senior Loan IV Fund

Artemid Senior Loan IV successfully secured c. €300 million within a few months

CAPZA is pleased to announce the successful first closing of Artemid Senior Loan IV (ASL IV), securing c. €300 million within a few months. This accomplishment is attributed to the continued trust of long-standing investors, including insurers, mutual insurance groups, French institutions, and family offices. Furthermore, ASL IV benefits from an additional investment capacity of over €175 million through parallel vehicles.


This success demonstrates the relevance of the investment strategy and the robustness of the team’s track record. The previous vintage, Artemid Senior Loan III, deployed over €510 million and financed more than 30 companies.


Artemid Senior Loan IV will focus on the same strategy as its predecessors, providing 5 to 8 years senior “bullet” loans ranging from €5 to €50 million to companies with an EBITDA ranging from €8 to €100 million and in a moderate leveraged context.


In the same vein as its predecessor, this latest vintage is expected to include a majority of ESG-linked bonds. In fact, over the past years, the team has successfully implemented over 75% of ESG-linked financings, under Artemid Senior Loan III. The objective is to encourage financed companies to undertake tangible and measurable actions in support of their sustainable development.

We express our gratitude to our investors for their trust. The accomplishment of raising funds for Artemid Senior Loan IV reaffirms the validity of our approach.
Annie-Laure Servel, Managing Partner, Artemid SAS

Artemid Senior Loan IV has already completed its first transaction with Ateliers de France (ex-Mériguet), a French group specialising in a diverse range of high-quality crafts for the preservation of historical buildings and the development of luxury residences worldwide. Besides, ASL IV is already mandated on several new transactions that are expected to be closed in early 2024.


Since 2014, the Artemid Senior Loan funds have played a key role, acting as arrangers or co-arrangers, or participating in syndications for over 70 companies. The total investments exceed €1.2 billion, with recent investments in Cogep, Sewan, The Independents, and Piercan.


“We express our gratitude to our investors for their trust. The accomplishment of raising funds for Artemid Senior Loan IV reaffirms the validity of our approach to low-risk senior financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the quality of the support provided by the platform. The flexibility of our intervention methods has already attracted interest from numerous entrepreneurs and resulted in the long-term support of companies like Efeso, Acces Industrie, Benvic, Sicame, Paragon, and Bruneau.” Annie-Laure Servel, Managing Partner, Artemid SAS. 

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Source: Artemid as of 03/31/2024
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