Dec’ 2023

Conference on Water-related Challenges

Emma Haziza was the guest of the latest Sustainability Lunch Debate hosted by CAPZA.

Emma Haziza, Hydrologist Researcher, PhD from the Ecole des Mines de Paris, and Founder of the private research centre Mayane was the guest of our latest Sustainability Lunch Debate.


On the agenda: two hours of captivating discussions surrounding water issues with investors and representatives from CAPZA’s portfolio companies.


With a PhD from the Ecole des Mines de Paris and a recognized expertise in climate adaptation, Emma Haziza is a researcher and entrepreneur who is actively involved in developing strategies to strengthen the communities’ and territories’ capacity to better anticipate, prevent and cope with natural disasters.

As a pioneer of territorial resilience in France, she brings a wealth of expertise in teaching and monitoring extreme hydrometeorological events.

For the past 20 years, Emma Haziza has been training numerous stakeholders (mayors, senior officials, ambassadors, etc.) on significant water issues in France and around the world, raising awareness among millions of French people through her program “Un degré de conscience” on the French radio France Info.


Key takeaways from Emma Haziza’s intervention:


    • The water issue is not new and has arisen in various forms throughout History, from the drafting of our first texts regarding water rights after the French Revolution to the drought of 1976. However, accelerated climate changes in Europe are now a factor of amplification.
    • The quest for water has become a global and financial concern: cloud seeding, desalination, iceberg trafficking, water transportation over vast distances – there is no limit.
    • Nevertheless, the scientific community, the UN, and a growing number of stakeholders are warning us: reserves that took millions of years to form have been depleted, to the extent that Earth’s axis of rotation has shifted during the 20th century.
    • In October 2023, a UN report identified 6 catastrophic risks for the planet, including the depletion of groundwater reserves. The geopolitical and geostrategic stakes are substantial. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate water into political and economic considerations and re-evaluate models.
    • The intricate links between water, climate change and the economy underscore the necessity of understanding these interconnected challenges. Developing sustainable water management strategies requires nuanced comprehension and collaborative efforts to find enduring solutions.

As a responsible investor and shareholder, we are committed to enriching our portfolio companies in the analysis of Biodiversity and Water risks. Our aim is to raise awareness and provide support to SMEs and mid-sized companies within our portfolios regarding these issues.

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