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    May’ 2024
    ITAL Express - CAPZA hands over to Naxicap Partners
    CAPZA sells its majority stake in ITAL Express and renews its support to the Group.
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    Apr’ 2023
    Coutot-Roehrig - CAPZA hands over to Luxempart
    Luxempart to replace CAPZA as a minority shareholder in Coutot-Roehrig and to deploy ca. €57m
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    Jul’ 2021
    CAPZA exits Ivnosys after supporting the group's growth
    CAPZA sold its minority stake in Ivnosys, a Spanish leading e-identity company.
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    Sep’ 2019
    Geodesial - CAPZA hands over to Keensight Capital
    Keensight Capital replaces CAPZA as majority stakeholder of Geodesial, a leading developer and distributor of infrastructure design software.
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  • Industry
    Apr’ 2019
    Exclusive negotiations for the acquisition of Pierre Guérin
    Capzanine and Pierre Guérin’s management team have entered into exclusive negotiations with ENDEL ENGIE.
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  • Fitness
    Feb’ 2019
    Capzanine sells its stake in Moving
    Capzanine sells its stake in Moving, fitness leader in France with its Fitness Park brand, to Future French Champions.
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    Feb’ 2019
    Capzanine is selling its stake in Finance Active
    Capzanine is selling its stake in Finance Active to Cathay Capital after supporting the Group on its journey to become a true Fintech.
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  • Hospital
    Jan’ 2019
    Successful refinancing for the Francheville group
    Capzanine has successfully supported the Francheville Group in financing its development.
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