Who we are

Created in 2004, CAPZA is an established European private investment platform.

With €6.4 billion of assets, CAPZA puts its experience and passion for investing in small & mid cap companies at the service of investors in Europe and around the world.


CAPZA offers a platform of 6 complementary areas of expertise: Flex Equity, Private Debt, Transition1, Artemid Senior Loans2, Growth Tech and Flex Equity Mid Market.


CAPZA offers financing solutions to small & mid cap companies at every stage of their development. Its unique platform allows CAPZA to support companies over the long term by providing them with flexible financing solutions (majority capital, minority capital, subordinated debt, senior debt, etc.).


CAPZA is a generalist but has built up strong expertise in supporting companies in the health, technology and BtoB services sectors.


“Since the company was created, we have built up a community of entrepreneurs who share our values and our vision of investing. Based on our passion for their business and our ability to challenge ourselves, we have designed CAPZA as a flexible investment platform that adapts to their needs.


This community of entrepreneurs is the driving force behind the performance we deliver to our investors. It energizes us and enables us to identify opportunities. The connections we create and the long-term relationships we forge are at the heart of our value creation capability.” Christophe Karvelis-Senn, Executive Chairman and Founder


We have built up a community of entrepreneurs who share our values and our vision of investing.

Key figures


Creation of CAPZA


investments made since 2004

As of 15/03/2022 (including funds advised by Artemid)

of assets managed and/or advised

As of 31/12/2021, of which assets managed by a third party and advised by Artemid SAS, also including funds raised until 23/03/2022


As of 01/04/2022
4 countries

France, Germany, Spain & Italy



Discover our expertise
Private Debt
Private Debt
Leading mid-market
direct lender
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113 transactions since 2005
Source: CAPZA as of Decembre 2021
Flex Equity
Flex Equity
Flexible financing solutions combining equity and mezzanine
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83 transactions since 2004
Source: CAPZA as at 31/03/2022
Senior Loans
The senior financing expert
for small and mid-sized corporates
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More than 65 transactions since 2015
Source: Artemid as of 31/12/2021
Balance sheet solutions at strategic turning points
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Tailor-made support from a team of experts
Growth Tech
Growth Tech
A partner of choice for high growth Tech companies
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4 transactions in 2021
Source: CAPZA as at 31/12/2021.
Flex Equity Mid Market
Flex Equity Mid Market
Tailor-made solutions to accelerate mid market SMEs in their growth story, transformation and sustainable development
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€500m of AuM
Source: CAPZA as of 31/12/2021

1The funds of the CAPZA Transition range are managed by the asset management company CAPZA, and advised by CAPZA Transition SAS which has financial investment advisor status (CIF in France), is registered under the Orias under the number 18001601 since the 23/03/2018.

2The funds of the Artemid range are managed by the asset management company CAPZA and advised by Artemid SAS, which is a subsidiary of CAPZA and has financial investment advisor status (CIF in France). Artemid SAS is registered by the Orias under the number 14003497 since the 05/28/2014.

  • 12
    Apr’ 2022
    CAPZA Transition supports Tevah Systèmes
    CAPZA acquires a stake in Tevah Systèmes, an independent distributor of security systems.
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  • 30
    Mar’ 2022
    CAPZA signs the acquisition of Wifirst
    Wifirst is a European leader in Wifi managed services.
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  • 17
    Mar’ 2022
    CAPZA Transition supports Komvida’s Growth Plans
    CAPZA supports Komvida, a Spanish leader in the manufacture and distribution of Kombucha beverage (probiotic bio drink rich in antioxidants and vitamins which presents various health benefits).
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  • 17
    Feb’ 2022
    CAPZA accelerates its development
    CAPZA and AXA strengthen their partnership to further develop a leader in European private equity and private debt for SMEs.
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