Flex Equity Mid-Market

Tailor-made solutions to accelerate mid-market SMEs in their growth story, transformation and sustainable development
Types of investment
“Tailor-made” approach combining majority or minority investments as a reference shareholder, using a broad range of flexible instruments (ordinary or preference shares, convertible bonds)
Company profile

Midcaps with an EBITDA above €20m


Project: LBO


Sectors: a generalist approach, with three dominant sectors (healthcare, B2B services and tech)


Region: target 75% France + 25% Germany, Spain, Italy or Benelux

Amount invested
From €50m to €150m

CAPZA Flex Equity Mid-Market supports Midcaps with an EBITDA greater than €20 million in their development projects. The team leverages the tailor-made approach which has made CAPZA successful since 2004 with Flex Equity.



It relies on CAPZA’s pan European network and local offices. It is focused on value creation and supporting growth acceleration. In particular, the team will focus on supporting Midcaps with the challenges of sustainable development, notably decarbonation.

A unique tailored “flex” approach that has made CAPZA a success since 2004majority or minority investments as reference shareholder, using a broad range of flexible instruments.


An experienced team: 12 investment professionals*, with experience throughout market cycles and complementary sector expertise. They benefit from CAPZA’s network of more than 350 business leaders in all sectors of the economy.

A strategy based on growth themes
the investment team supports the acceleration of organic growth, and a systematic and ambitious approach to build-up strategies. It can leverage CAPZA’s European network to support their international development.


Dedicated support to meet the challenges of sustainable development: the team has the conviction that value creation now requires sustainable development strategies. The fund will have a strong commitment on sustainable development and climate transition, notably on decarbonation. It will provide support, tools and tailored solution to help companies accelerate their transformation toward a carbon neutral economy.


*As of 31/03/2024

Key figures


of AuM

Valuations as of 30/06/2023 also including funds raised until 30/09/2023
573 M€

invested by CAPZA

As of 16/02/2024 including investments in CAPZA Flex Equity Mid-Market I and II

investment professionals

As of 31/03/2024


Since 01/2021