Sustainability at CAPZA

We are convinced that the companies that can meet the challenges of sustainable development will be those that create more value over the long term.

Our value as a responsible investor lies in our ability to:


#1 Support our portfolio companies in the transition

#2 Provide sustainable investment solutions to our investors who have duties and commitments as asset owners

#3 Lead by example by setting ourselves high standards in terms of sustainability and supporting, engaging and empowering our employees in this area

#4 Collaborate with our ecosystem to increase focus on sustainability in the market

More than ever, financial institutions have a critical role to play to accelerate the environmental transition in a fair and inclusive manner. As a financial partner, we must support our portfolio companies both financially and strategically in their transformation.
Christophe Karvelis-Senn, Executive Chairman and Founder

Our 360° approach to support the transition to a more sustainable economy



#1 Supporting portfolio companies in the transition


As a shareholder or lender, we are committed to helping companies create financial and extrafinancial value during our holding period.


We can support companies in the development and implementation of sustainability roadmaps and monitor their progress.
We seek to align interest by integrating sustainability performance targets in transaction structuring whether it is financing instruments or management incentive structures.



#2 Providing sustainable investment solutions to our investors


We integrate an ESG framework throughout our investment process
We develop process, funds and solutions to meet investors expectations on sustainability
We deliver high quality ESG reporting to ensure transparency

#3 Leading by example


We seek to apply to ourselves the same standards of transparency, alignment of interest and transformation levers as those we request from portfolio companies.


Our CSR committee CAPZA for Good defines, supports and pilots all of CAZPA’s CSR Impact projects. It is responsible for improving our CSR practices at the level of the management company.


We measure our carbon footprint as well as the carbon footprint of our investments.
We give priority to the least polluting transport.
We train our teams and companies on the climate issue.
We include ESG in our remuneration programs: carried interest and variable salaries can be impacted by ESG achievements.


#4 Influencing our ecosystem


We share our vision of sustainability in higher education and industry conferences.
We develop a sustainability-linked community and seek to facilitate cross fertilization.

We are involved in various industry groups and we promote ESG best practices when we act as co-investor or lender.

Our ESG Commitments



We have defined three key priorities to guide our sustainability strategy. These three priorities guide our actions in the active support of our portfolio companies and in the implementation of our CSR approach as a management company.


#1 Climate actions: we are committed to better analyse climate risks and contribute to carbon neutrality by 2050


#2 Limit biodiversity loss: we are committed to better analyse nature related risks and impacts and especially better preserve water


#3 Diversity and inclusion: we are committed to promote profit sharing, training, and diversity

Our team

CAPZA has a dedicated team led by Aurore Gauffre, Head of Sustainability and Impact. They are responsible for developing our sustainability strategy and ensuring its integration across processes and products, piloting ESG related projects, managing Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) at the company level.

They are supported by various ESG referents across CAPZA.

Learn more about our Head of Sustainability & Impact

Providing sustainable solutions to our investors



We seek to embed sustainability at every stage of our investment process and can offer investors tailor made sustainable solutions:


#1 CAPZA launched a mid-cap LBO fund aiming to support companies in accelerating their growth internationally and helping them meet the challenges of decarbonation.

Discover CAPZA Flex Equity Mid-Market II


#2 MAIF, a leading French insurer with 15 years commitment to responsible investment has chosen to entrust CAPZA and its subsidiary Artemid with the management of a dedicated environmental impact senior debt mandate.

Discover MAIF Environmental Impact Debt




Policies, reports and SFDR disclosures

Responsible investing policy



Engagement policy



Report on engagement policy



Sustainability report 2022


Sustainability-related disclosures



PAI Statement



Sustainability report 2023


From commitment to reality: how we can help portfolio companies



Companies are facing four major challenges that we can help to address:
Navigate the complexity of ESG regulatory frameworks
Take into account climate transition in their business model
Be able to respond to their client’s requirements on ESG data collection, measurement and transparency
Facilitate talent retention in an environment where a responsible employer is more likely to succeed


Below are concrete examples of actions in order to help portfolio companies:

We seek to share best in class ESG standards and are in the process of building a dedicated platform to give access to regulatory updates, and best in class ESG policies (Code of Ethic, Responsible Supply Policy, Water…)
We seek to connect companies with ESG providers and assist them in identifying financial aids. As such, we have negotiated master agreements with recognized ESG solutions providers to deliver on the ESG-decarbonation roadmap.
We aim to build a sustainable-linked community, encouraging best practice sharing between portfolio companies and organising events to encourage networking.

By performing our annual ESG analysis on over 100 KPIs, we enable portfolio companies to collect, measure and analyses the necessary data to build ESG action plans. We reward the most sustainable companies and those that have made the best progress in our annual CAPZA Sustainable development award

We offer companies Climate Fresk & 2Tons workshops and support companies in rolling out climate awareness in their organization

Key figures


Sustainability linked transactions

In 2022

ESG survey response rate

In 2022

average change in ESG rating of our companies

In 2022

Companies with a full ESG analysis and action plan

In 2023

GHG intensity scope 1,2

By end 2022

GHG intensity scope 1,2,3

By end 2022

AUM of activities negatively affecting biodiversity

Leading by example: how we are training our staff on Climate Fresk


We believe a common understanding of climate issues and levers of change is the first step to take action and build solutions contributing to the transition to a low carbon society.


That is why…

All CAPZA employees are trained on “Climate Fresk”.

We have also trained a group of Climate Fresk facilitators within CAPZA who can lead the training themselves. Thus, they can raise awareness on the fundamental science behind climate change and empower our stakeholders to act.

We offer workshops on climate change challenges and solutions to our stakeholders, whether they are portfolio companies or asset owners. That way, we can engage discussions and spark the necessary rethinking of business models due to climate transition

Climate Fresks

CAPZA employees have been trained on Climate Fresk by our internal group of facilitators.

Sustainability events

CAPZA regularly organizes lunch debates on sustainable development with investors and companies to give us the opportunity to deepen our understanding of environmental and societal issues and to question ourselves on the solutions to address them.

CAPZA has launched the first sustainability awards for its companies to highlight their commitments and progress on sustainability.

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