Feb’ 2023

Wifirst joins La French Tech Next40 program

Wifirst, the European leader in managed WiFi, has joined the 40 companies identified as the most promising in the French tech ecosystem

The Next40/120 program aims to support the growth of companies identified as the most promising in the French tech ecosystem because they contribute to France’s influence, create jobs and are committed to a more environmentally friendly, inclusive and equal opportunity model.


Founded in 2002 by Marc Taieb, Wifirst is a B2B telecom operator specialising in providing WiFi managed services for professionals. The Group is one of the pioneers of the “as a Service” connectivity model. Wifirst’s Infrastructure as a Service technology model allows the company to finely control its equipment lifecycle and to offer its customers the best service while constantly seeking the optimal balance between performance, durability, cost and ecological impact.


Headquartered in Paris, Wifirst employs nearly 300 people in 30 countries. The Group achieved an average growth of more than 20% over the last ten years.


In line with its commitment to responsible technology, Wifirst joined the “Global Compact France” in 2021 by signing the UN charter to promote socially responsible attitudes and is thus committed to integrating the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact into its corporate strategy in a sustainable manner. Today, Wifirst is part of the first Next40 prom to include social and environmental commitments into its selection criteria.

I see Wifirst's entry into the Next40 as a showcase for our industry, which is essential to building a solid, secure, responsible and sustainable digital foundation.
Marc Taieb, CEO of Wifirst

“We are proud to have been part of Wifirst’s success story for almost a year. This recognition confirms the Group’s growth potential and highlights its responsible approach to digital that seduced us from the beginning.” – Guillaume Basquin & Frédéric Chiche, Partners CAPZA Flex Equity Mid-Market.


“This recognition from La French Tech is obviously attributed directly to each member of my teams, who are working hard and vigorously to build the future of our telecom networks. It is also a reward for the thousands of customers who have entrusted us with their connectivity challenges for over 20 years. I also see Wifirst’s entry into the Next40 program as a showcase for our industry, which is essential to building a solid, secure, responsible and sustainable digital foundation”Marc Taieb, CEO of Wifirst.


CAPZA has been a majority shareholder of Wifirst for almost a year through its Flex Equity Mid-Market strategy.


CAPZA Flex Equity Mid-Market aims at supporting European midcaps on their journey to growth and their transformation to address sustainable development challenges.


Supported by CAPZA, the Next40 program and its historical investors, Wifirst continues to deploy its WiFi networks in Europe, serving the digital transformation of its customers and respecting its commitments to sustainability.

The French Tech Next40/120


Launched in 2019 by the French Tech Mission, the French Tech Next40/120 is a government support program dedicated to the most successful French start-ups with the capacity to become world-class technology leaders.


The 120 start-ups in the program are selected on the basis of economic performance (fundraising or hypergrowth of revenues). The 2023 promotion is also the first to include social and environmental commitments.


Announced on February 19, 2023, this fourth promotion will benefit from a year of dedicated support from the French Tech Mission.


Discover the 2023 prom: click here

Digital responsibility - Wifirst's concrete commitment
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