Jul’ 2022

Dubbing Brothers accelerates its international expansion

The Group completed 4 strategic acquisitions in Europe in the first half of 2022.

Dubbing Brothers is accelerating its international expansion and broadening its multilingual dubbing offering with four strategic acquisitions in Europe in H1 2022: Ad Hoc Studios, Interopa, Sedif and Eurotroll.


Supported since June 2021 by CAPZA and IDI, shareholders alongside the managers Alexandre and Mathieu Taïeb, Dubbing Brothers is accelerating its international development and strengthening its position as the European leader in premium dubbing for films and series.


Already established in 5 countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and the United States), Dubbing Brothers is taking a new step in its development with 4 international acquisitions in the first half of 2022.


The group first acquired the Spanish dubbing and post-production company Ad Hoc Studios (formerly Sonoblock) in January, and the Scandinavian dubbing company Eurotroll, based in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, in May. These two operations give the company access to new countries and are fully in line with its strategy of offering its customers a “one-stop-shop” service for most European languages. They add 5 new languages (Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish) to its multilingual offer, with 20 new studios in Madrid, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

These four acquisitions in Europe are fully in line with the Group's strategy and its strong ambitions for international development.
Benoit Choppin and Maxence Radix, Managing Partners, CAPZA

The third operation allows the Group to consolidate its positions in Germany, a strategic country for the dubbing market. Present in Berlin and Munich since the acquisition of Film & Fernseh Synchron (FFS) in 2019, Dubbing Brothers is pursuing its development with the acquisition of Interopa in March, a Berlin-based company with 6 recording and mixing studios. This acquisition is accompanied by the opening of a new 1.400 m² site with 10 studios, which will complete the dubbing capacities of its two subsidiaries FFS and Interopa.


Established in Italy since 1997, the Group also strengthened its presence in this strategic market with the acquisition in March of the 8 studios of the Italian company Sedif. This fourth operation gives its subsidiary Dubbing Brothers Italy a total of 22 recording and mixing studios in Rome, all equipped with the latest technology.


These four external growth operations illustrate Dubbing Brothers’ strong international development ambitions. With 120 studios in Europe and the United States, the Group now offers its international clients content in 10 languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish, English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Dutch) in 9 countries, and intends to continue its expansion, notably in Asia and South America, while continuing to invest in its dubbing capacities to support strong growth in all existing geographies.


“We are very happy to welcome the teams of AdHoc Studios, Sedif, Interopa and Eurotroll, who will bring all their know-how and expertise to the Dubbing Brothers group, and we are delighted to announce the opening of Dubbing Brothers Spain” – Alexandre and Mathieu Taieb, co-directors of Dubbing Brothers.


“These four acquisitions are part of the ambitious development strategy led by Alexandre and Mathieu, aiming to reinforce the position of a key player in the dubbing industry thanks to a multilingual offer of premium services. We are delighted to support them in this new stage of the group’s development following IDI’s reinvestment in them last year.” – Marco de Alfaro and Augustin Harrel-Courtès, Partner and Associate Director of IDIs.


“We are proud to support Dubbing Brothers in its external growth operations. These four acquisitions in Europe are fully in line with the Group’s strategy and its strong ambitions for international development.” – Benoit Choppin and Maxence Radix, Managing Partners, CAPZA.

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