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    Jun’ 2022
    Record-breaking fundraising of nearly €600 million for Artemid
    CAPZA announces the successful closing of the Artemid Senior Loan III (ASL III) private debt fund
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    Jan’ 2021
    Artemid supports Biotech Dental
    The Artemid team supports Biotech Dental, the French specialist in dental implants, prostheses and aligners.
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    Jan’ 2021
    Artemid team supports SAMSE Group
    The Artemid team supports the SAMSE Group, the second largest French group in the distribution of construction materials for building and housing.
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    Dec’ 2020
    Artemid supports Lumibird Group's growth
    The Artemid team supports Lumibird group's growth through a social impact bond financing.
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    May’ 2019
    Artemid leads the refinancing of the Redspher Group
    Redspher, the leading digital transport and logistics platform in Europe, provides simplified access to ondemand transport.
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